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FAQ: Northwest Area Mobility Study

What is the Northwest Area Mobility Study? The Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) was a 13-month long planning effort led by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) that developed a prioritized list of transit mobility improvements for the northwest metro region. The study was a collaborative effort that addresses significant cost increases and delays associated with […]

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FAQ: Commuter Benefits, Transit Benefits

What is a pre-tax commute benefit? The IRS Code, section 132(f), allows employees to use pre-tax salary towards their transit and vanpool commuting costs. Commuter benefits, or transit benefits, are an employer-provided package that helps offset the cost for employees to get to work. Like a Health Savings Account, retirement plan and other benefits, commuter […]

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SH 119 Diagonal Highway Corridor Project – February 2021 Updates

SH 119 First and Final Mile: Currently, Commuting Solutions is working with its consultant, Fehr & Peers, to put the finishing touches on a First and Final Mile Study recommendations draft, which will go to the public this spring for input. The First and Final Mile Study will provide phased recommendations for safe and comfortable […]

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