Board & Staff

Commuting Solutions consists of five staff members, a board of directors and 75 member organizations. The board of directors includes representatives from the public and private sectors, as well as non profit organizations.

Our board members are committed to advocating for Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) transportation improvements and expanding the use of commute options throughout the Northwest region.

Commuting Solutions Board of Directors


Mr. Rob Zuccaro
Director of Planning & Building Safety
City of Louisville
749 Main Street
Louisville, CO. 80027
Phone: 303-335-4590
Board Member Since: 2017

Vice Chairperson
Mr. Matt Brill
Transportation Program Manager
2930 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO. 80301
Phone: 617-223-1420
Board Member Since: 2019

Mr. Chris McShane
Vice President/Commerical Lender
In Bank
7100 Broadway Street
Denver, CO. 80021
Phone: 720-403-8769
Board Member Since: 2016

Past Chairperson
Mr. Craig Eicher
Area Manager, Local Government Affairs
Xcel Energy
2655 N. 63rd Street
Boulder, CO. 80301
Phone: 303-245-2254
Board Member Since: 2018

Ms. Erika Vandenbrande
Director of Transportation & Mobility
City of Boulder
1101 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO. 80302
Phone: 720-450-1488
Board Member Since: 2021

At Large Members

At Large
Ms. Amy Aschenbrenner
Longmont Associations of Realtors
Vice President – Government Affairs & Community Investment
4790 Table Mesa Drive. Ste. 200
Boulder, CO. 80305
Phone: 303-772-5555
Board Member Since: 2021

At Large
Ms. Heidi VanGenderen
Chief Sustainability Officer
University of Colorado Boulder
Campus Box 502-UCB
Boulder, CO. 80309
Office:  303-735-5441
Board Member Since: 2021

At Large
Ms. Audrey DeBarros
Executive Director
Commuting Solutions
287 Century Circle, Suite 103
Louisville, CO. 80027
Phone: 303-604-4383
Board Member Since: 2004

At Large
Ms. Sarah Grant
Transportation Manager
City & County of Broomfield
Ones DesCombes Drive
Broomfield, CO. 80020
Phone: 303-438-6385
Board Member Since: 2019

At Large
Ms. Jordan Swisher
Vice President
Brue Baukol Capital Partners
1555 Blake Street, Suite 210
Denver, CO. 80202
Phone: 720-930-4711
Board Member Since: 2021


At Large
Mr. Phil Greenwald
Transportation Planner
City of Longmont
350 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO. 80501
Phone: 303-651-3955
Board Member Since: 2019

At Large
Ms. Julie Piller
Special Projects Manager
Sister Carmen Community Center
655 Aspen Ridge Drive
Lafayette, CO. 80026
Phone: 303-665-4342 x140
Board Member Since: 2021

At Large
Ms. Jessica Erickson
President & CEO
Longmont Economic Development Partnership
1925 Pike Road, Suite 202
Longmont, CO. 80501
Phone: 303-651-0128
Board Member Since: 2021

At Large
Ms. Julie Isom
Director, Human Resources
Avista Adventist Hospital
100 Health Park Drive
Louisville, CO. 80027
Phone: 303-673-1004
Board Member Since: 2021

Commuting Solutions Staff

Audrey DeBarros Headshot

Audrey DeBarros

Executive Director
Audrey keeps the wheels of Commuting Solutions, and the northwest metro region, rolling smoothly. She leads our advocacy efforts, financial planning, coalition building and everything in between. Audrey not only manages the internal functions of the organization but is Commuting Solutions’ external voice. Her efforts are focused on expanding our partnerships, coalition and member base to improve the regional transportation system. Her leadership with local, regional and state officials results in positive change and the efficient movement of people, not vehicles. For today and the future, Audrey works to make the region a place she is proud to live and work in.

Contact Audrey: 303-604-4383 or

Head Shot of Kristina Pritchett

Kristina Pritchett

Marketing Communications Specialist

As Marketing Communications Specialist, Kristina assists with event marketing, creating social media, producing website content, and generating email newsletters. Kristina grew up in New Jersey and moved to Colorado in 2017. She has a background in journalism where she reported on local municipalities for both daily and weekly newspapers. When not working, Kristina enjoys being outside, going to sporting events especially baseball games, traveling to new places and eating at new restaurants.

Contact Kristina: 303-862-5289 or

Head Shot of Jillian Knapp-Rhodes

Angela Banks

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant, Angela provides support to the Executive Director as well as administrative assistance to staff and the Board of Directors. Angela is a Colorado native and grew up in Arvada. When not working, Angela enjoys spending time with her two children, husband and dogs, camping and boating in the summer, and her annual family trip.

Contact Angela: 303-997-5155 or

Head Shot of Carly Harold

Margery Gavin

Member Experience Coordinator

Margery is the member experience coordinator for Commuting Solutions. She spearheads efforts to strengthen the engagement of members in the organization, grows the organization’s membership, and leads sponsorship and planning for events throughout the year. Margery has a background in program management in the nonprofit sector. She recently completed a graduate degree in public administration at the University of Colorado-Denver. She grew up in Kansas, moved to Denver from New York City, and is soon to be a mother of two. She enjoys hiking, exploring Colorado, traveling and eating at new restaurants.

Contact Margery: Email Margery at

Head Shot of Trevor Tandy

Cathi Wielgus

Programs & Outreach Specialist

Cathi is the Programs & Outreach Specialist for Commuting Solutions. She’s tasked with initiating and implementing Transportation Demand Management services and programs and conducting business engagement in the employer-provided commuting options. Cathi has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado-Denver, and has experience in comprehensive planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning as well as land-use aspects of transportation planning. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, is a loyal Packers and Badgers fan, loves live music, hiking and camping.

Contact Cathi: Email Cathi at 

Head Shot of Carly Harold

Sammi Werner

Marketing  and Outreach Intern

Sammi is the Marketing and Outreach intern for Commuting Solutions. She is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder. Sammi is a Colorado native and always trying to lend a helping hand. She enjoys going to farmers markets and hiking wherever she is. She also loves watching movies on her spare time!

Contact Sammi: Email Sammi at 

Head Shot of Trevor Tandy

Trevor Tandy

TDM Program Manager

As TDM Program Manager, Trevor will be working with partners, stakeholders and members of the public on Transportation Demand Management (TDM) projects. Trevor comes with years of experience in TDM and transportation planning. He has a BA in International Studies and Geography from the University of Denver, and has spent time doing field work in the Australian Outback and studying at the Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Trevor cares about all aspects of community development with particular passion for transportation. In his free time he loves hiking, biking, skiing and spending time with friends.

Contact Trevor: Email Trevor at