Advancing Regional Connectivity: Commuting Solutions and the Northwest Mayors & Commissioners Coalition Journey to Washington, D.C.

Representatives for Commuting Solutions and the Northwest Mayors & Commissioners Coalition in front of the U.S. Capitol Building

Last week, Commuting Solutions and the Northwest Mayors & Commissioners Coalition (NW MCC) embarked on an impactful journey to Washington, D.C. Our trip was a whirlwind of meetings, greetings, and advocacy efforts, aimed at advancing crucial regional transportation priorities. As we engaged with transportation officials and legislators, our collective voice resonated, echoing the pressing need for investment in projects vital to our communities’ growth and connectivity. Senator Hickenlooper praised our coalition as a “national model,’” and Senator Bennet said “it makes all the difference in the world that you have come together to address regional transportation needs.”

Building Support for Regional Transportation Priorities

CO 7 Multimodal Corridor Brighton to Boulder

One of the top priorities of our trip was to solidify federal support for the CO 7 Multimodal Corridor Brighton to Boulder. This project, championed by the City of Lafayette and endorsed by 8 local jurisdictions across northern Colorado, represents a bold vision for multimodal transit improvements and transit-supportive development. The transformation of CO 7 from a two-lane rural highway to a vital east-west arterial road underscores the rapid population and employment growth in our region. Today, CO 7 stands as a crucial link connecting residents to jobs and activity centers, necessitating improvements to enhance safety, accessibility, and efficiency for all users.

Northwest Rail and Front Range Passenger Rail

In addition to the CO 7 corridor, we also advocated for the completion of the Northwest Rail line and the extension of Front Range Passenger Rail service to Fort Collins. These initiatives, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the Regional Transportation District (RTD), and the Front Range Passenger Rail District (FRPR), hold immense potential to revolutionize transportation connectivity in our region.

CO 119 Safety, Mobility, and Bikeway Project and US 287 Median Safety Project

Furthermore, discussions centered on key corridors such as CO 119 and US 287, highlighting the comprehensive approach needed to address the diverse transportation challenges facing our communities. The CO 119 Safety, Mobility and Bikeway Project received a 2023 RAISE grant and will enter into construction later this year. US 287, a major north-south regional corridor, has the highest rate of severe crashes in Boulder County. The median safety project will significantly improve the level of safety through the corridor.

Together Our Advocacy Efforts Are Stronger

By advocating for these projects collectively, we amplify our impact and reinforce the importance of investing in a robust and interconnected transportation network.

It’s crucial to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our legislators who tirelessly champion our cause. Their support and collaboration are instrumental in advancing critical legislation that shapes the future of our communities. We are immensely grateful for their continued dialogue and partnership with our organization.

As we reflect on our journey to Washington D.C., we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to advocate for the needs of our region. Moving forward, we remain committed to advancing our transportation priorities with unwavering determination. Our trip was not just a series of meetings—it was a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of civic engagement. By coming together as a coalition, we amplify our voices and effect meaningful change. Together, we can build a more connected, resilient, and prosperous future for all residents of the northwest metro region.

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