With a Little Help From our Friends (of the US 36 Bikeway)

June 6, 2016

LOUISVILLE, Colo.—As communities along the US 36 corridor ease into routine after four years of construction, one group is already thinking ahead to future US 36 improvements. Commuting Solutions, the Transportation Management Organization (TMO) for the US 36 corridor, is launching a new program that brings together local cyclists, businesses and governments to address what the future of the US 36 Bikeway, and improvements, may look like.

Commuting Solutions Executive Director Audrey DeBarros explains, “Friends of the US 36 Bikeway is a unique intersection of public and private enterprises working with residents to address the issues US 36 cyclists face. This group will provide key insight into what hinders cyclists from taking advantage of the existing infrastructure and will allow us to work with local governments to find solutions.”

Friends of the US 36 Bikeway aims to promote cycling as a comfortable, safe and reliable transportation option through educating the public on safe cycling, equipping local businesses and their employees with informational materials, and facilitating meetings between cyclists and local governments. This group will plan cycling events for each of the communities along the US 36 Bikeway, will have a fall and spring cleanup and will report maintenance issues as they arise.

Broomfield Mayor Randy Ahrens adds, “Providing a variety of safe and reliable transportation options is essential to the growth of the US 36 corridor, and cycling is one mode where there is unique area for growth. The City and County of Broomfield is pleased to partner with Friends of the US 36 Bikeway to improve cycling infrastructure and promote safe cycling education, making cycling in our corridor a safe and enjoyable experience.”

The program’s objectives extend beyond maintenance and feed in to promoting a cycling culture within the US 36 corridor. This program’s one-year goal is to double the number of cyclists on the Bikeway, increasing from an estimated 100 cyclists/day to 200 cyclists/day. The program launched on June 1 and is open to businesses, individuals and governments.

About Commuting Solutions:
Commuting Solutions is dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees, and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships and education, we create progressive, flexible transportation solutions. Be part of the progress along US 36, visit commutingsolutions.org.

About Friends of the US 36 Bikeway:
Friends of the US 36 Bikeway is a new Commuting Solutions program created to inspire a cycling culture within the US 36 corridor. This group unites cyclists, business and governments to promote cycling as a viable travel option, advance cycling education and advocate for continued improvements to the US 36 Bikeway.

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