With a little help from Friends (of US 36 Bikeway)

Cycling infrastructure considered after long construction period
Staff report, Westminster Window

With four years worth of construction in the rearview mirror, local transportation and infrastructure advocates are paving the way for future improvements to the area’s transportation network.

Transportation consultants Commuting Solutions, the transportation management organization for the U.S. Highway 36 corridor, has launched a new program — Friends of the US 36 Bikeway — aimed to bring together local cyclists, businesses and governments in developing the infrastructure making up the U.S. 36 Bikeway.

“Friends of the US 36 Bikeway is a unique intersection of public and private enterprises working with residents to address the issues U.S. 36 cyclists face,” said Commuting Solutions Executive Director Audrey DeBarros. “This group will provide key insight into what hinders cyclists from taking advantage of the existing infrastructure and will allow us to work with local governments to find solutions.”

The Friends program aims to promote cycling as a comfortable, safe and reliable transportation option through education. That means teaching the public safe cycling, equipping local businesses and their employees with information and materials, and facilitating meetings between cyclists and local governments.

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