What the Community Needs of Transportation During COVID-19

Commuting Solutions is exploring evolving programs and services to best support our community today, during the transition back to workplaces, and in the future.

To learn about what our members and community are experiencing and observing around commuting and transportation during COVID-19, Commuting Solutions hosted our first webinar last week! You can watch the replay here. A few highlights of our discussion include:


As shelter in place orders continue, telework is becoming more acceptable across industries. Local organizations are both creating and updating policies to allow and encourage telework. Employers are looking for tips and tricks on how to thrive and manage team through telework and even sharing mental health suggestions and resources for their employees. Several attendees expressed concern that a possible long-term increase in telework could affect public transit and tolled roadway facilities in the Denver metro region.

Guidance on How to Return to the Workplace

Organizations are also looking for guidance on how to return to workplaces. A few ideas companies are considering:

  • Encouraging those who can telework to continue part-time during and after the transition
  • Establishing certain days of the week for employees to come into the office for in person meetings
  • Moving to 50% of employees in the office at a time
  • Encouraging telework and virtual meetings to minimize physical commutes

The Future of Commuting

The biggest question on people’s minds is how commuting may be permanently altered after the quarantine is over:

  • How might the demand for public transit be altered?
  • What are the exposure and transmission risks on public transit?
  • How can we work to promote biking or walking to school and work?
  • Will more people look to vanpooling and carpooling when its time to transition back?
  • As cities pilot closing streets for vehicles to open the space for walking, biking, etc. , should can we encourage this long-term?

What’s Next?

Commuting Solutions will continue to talk to our members and community to make sure we’re providing timely and useful services during this time.

Click here to watch replays of our recent COVID-19 webinars. We’ll be scheduling more webinars this spring/summer.

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