What Colorado Businesses Get Back When They Invest in Workplace Commute Options

The Alternative Transportation Tax Credit offers worthwhile incentives for Colorado businesses. Here’s why becoming “Clean Commute Certified” can help your business qualify for the tax credit.

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The State of Colorado is fully committed to a positive business climate of economic development and sustainable job growth. Colorado supports its dynamic economy by offering financial and technical assistance for economic development activities, and through an array of tax credits, funding, and job training programs designed to support business growth and expansion. 

Understanding that a clean, healthy environment underpins a strong and attractive economy, the 2022 Colorado Legislature passed the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit to encourage and incentivize employers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by providing commuting options for the workplace.

What You Get Back When You Invest in Qualifying for the Alternative Transportation Options Tax Credit

What’s in it for you when you invest in workplace commuting options?

Businesses can: 

  • Qualify for up to a $125,000 tax credit, or 50% of the $250,000 maximum amount of qualifying expenditures in any income tax year.
  • Improve employee benefits that support sustainable commuting choices, forever  tipping the scale in your favor for hiring and retention.
  • Have a meaningful impact on Colorado’s air quality by working to reduce single vehicle use.
  • Reduce the environmental impact on workers’ unique communities.
  • Increase productivity and boost morale when employees know they are an active part of the solution for improving Colorado’s air quality.

Use the Colorado Clean Commute Certification Program to Qualify

The WaytoGo program, the commuting services program from the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), in partnership with Commuting Solutions and the region’s eight other transportation management organizations have created the the Colorado Clean Commute Certification Program to help local businesses get the information and hands-on assistance they may need to qualify for the Alternative Transportation Tax Credit. 

When you work with Commuting Solutions to either develop a new commuter benefit program or to evaluate existing programs and initiatives at your workplace, we’ll help you get certified through this program, which means you’re on the path to getting your tax credit. 

Help Is Available From Commuting Solutions

Reach out to Commuting Solutions if your business needs information and assistance about qualifying for the tax credit. Our team is ready to support you.

Contact our team member:
Cathi Wielgus, Programs & Outreach Specialist

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