Volume of traffic in Boulder holds steady, report finds

City’s progress report on Transportation Master Plan outlines challenges, accomplishments

By Erica Meltzer
Staff Writer at Daily Camera

It doesn’t take any longer to get across Boulder today than it did 25 years ago.

(Eyebrows just shot up across town, but the city’s travel time studies don’t find the increases that many drivers perceive. Make of that what you will.)

That’s both an achievement of Boulder’s transportation policies, given that more people live and work here, and a sign of the work still to do.

Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan, last updated in 2014, calls for a 20 percent reduction in vehicle miles traveled by 2035.

And last year, the number of cars coming into the city each day edged up 2 percent, likely driven by rising employment numbers and the low price of gas, which tends to keep people off buses.

A two-year progress report on the Transportation Master Plan released Wednesday provides a snapshot of what Boulder has accomplished, how far it still has to go and the major initiatives the city plans to undertake in the next two years.

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