Transportation in the Colorado State Legislature

This post has been updated on March 18 to update information regarding a meeting that occurred on March 18. 

On March 18, Commuting Solutions participated in a meeting with the sponsors of the highly anticipated new transportation funding bill. The purpose of the meeting was to provide a summary of the bill’s new revenue sources and how the funds will be distributed.

Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, Speaker Garnett, Senator Faith Winter and Representative Matt Gray are sponsoring a bill in collaboration with the Polis Administration, which has not yet been introduced.

Sponsors called the bill “aggressively reasonable” and will address structural issues which will modernize how the transportation funding reflects how it is being used. The bill will save the public money, improve air quality and identify sustainable funding.

According to the presentation, nearly $3.9 billion from new fee revenue will modernize and future-proof the transportation system and stabilize funding over the next 11 years.

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Another bill being discussed among the Colorado Legislature is a bill that would amend the provisions related to the operation of Regional Transportation District (RTD), Colorado HB 1186,  which is sponsored by Rep. Matt Gray, Rep. Tom Sullivan, Sen. Jeff Bridges and Sen. Faith Winter.

Currently, the bill is under consideration.

Commuting Solutions will discuss the position of the bill during a Board meeting in April.

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