Top Takeaways from the 2022 Commuting Solutions Member Survey

Commuting Solutions facilitated its first member survey in September 2022. We were thrilled receive very positive feedback from our member respondents. Below are a few of the most relevant take-aways from the survey!

  • The most valued aspects of respondents’ Commuting Solutions memberships are: 
    • Information sharing and learning about regional projects. 
    • Engaging in local collaboration, advocacy, and coalition building.
    • Staying on top of big issues, policy opportunities, and hearing from leadership at events. 
    • Connecting members to governmental leaders to advance specific goals. 
  • The most enjoyed aspects of membership meetings include:
  • Collaboration and connecting with fellow members to share ideas and successes. 
  • Projects updates, coalition building, and networking. 
  • Relevant content with no time wasted because Commuting Solutions is well-connected with local and national leadership. 
  • Legislative updates and reports from CDOT. 
  • We appreciate the constructive criticism we received on membership meetings – here is how we plan to address those areas of improvement!  
    • Respondents want consistent introductions of each attendee at the start of each meeting. 
      • Commuting Solutions has made this a priority since following our survey results! 
    • Breakout discussions were requested. 
      • We love this idea and plan to incorporate breakout discussion in future meetings! 
    • More representation of university/higher education. 
      • Commuting Solutions will focus on this addition for future meetings!

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Commuting Solutions
CO 119 Membership Meeting

April 24, 2024  | 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
At Hampton Inn & Suites, Boulder North