CO 119 Diagonal Highway Corridor Project – February 2021 Updates

SH 119 First and Final Mile:

Small H 119 First and Final Mile Study by Commuting SolutionsCurrently, Commuting Solutions is working with its consultant, Fehr & Peers, to put the finishing touches on a First and Final Mile Study recommendations draft, which will go to the public this spring for input.

The First and Final Mile Study will provide phased recommendations for safe and comfortable multimodal connections to existing and future transit stops and stations, as well as to a more direct bikeway along SH 119.

The recommendations from the study will consider how the station areas vary across the corridor, by land use, transit user and trip types and the surrounding street network.

Recommendations will include:

  • Low-stress bicycle and pedestrian connections
  • Way-finding signage
  • Shared parking – in Gunbarrel only
  • Microtransit – in Gunbarrel only
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • New programs

Read more about the First and Final Mile Study.

CO 119 Bikeway:

Conceptual View of the SH 119 BikewayBoulder County is in the process of designing a paved, off-street, multi-use path along CO 119 between Longmont and Boulder. The bikeway will optimize regional mobility between Longmont and Boulder by providing multimodal bicycle and pedestrian improvements, which results in safer, more reliable, more comfortable, and more appealing travel options.

The bikeway will be physically separated from the CO 119 roadway and feature underpasses or protected signal phasing for pedestrians and bicyclists where bikeway crosses major intersecting roads.

The bikeway will also connect to the CO 119 BRT stations, which will allow commuters to easily connect to public transportation.

Currently, the County is hiring a consultant to complete the design.

Conceptual Image of Coffman Street

Coffman Street Update:

The Longmont Coffman Street Busway project is currently looking at utilities and Right-of-Way (ROW) in the corridor. The purpose is to clearly delineate the space available for the proposed improvements and begin work on an alternative that fits the project’s guiding principles.

The Coffman Street Busway will transform Coffman Street into a multimodal street and be safe for all users. There will be wider sidewalks, protected bike lanes, on-street parking, one travel lane running in both directions and a center-running bus lane.

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