RTD February 2022 Update: Route 228, May Service Changes, System Optimization Plan Comments

Red square RTD LogoRTD Seeks Input Regarding Route 228

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is looking to reconfigure Route 228 in August. The changes include:

  • Permanently moving the southern terminal from US 36 & Broomfield Station to US 36 & Flatiron Station
  • Rerouting via Downtown Superior
  • Extending the route north to Lafayette

The proposed changes could positively benefit customers by providing better access to businesses and services, reduce noise in neighborhoods and improve connections to other routes including the JUMP and DASH.

There are two public meetings schedule for those who wish to provide feedback on the changes.

For more information, visit the RTD Route 228 Reconfiguration webpage at https://www.rtd-denver.com/route-228-reconfiguration.

May Service Changes from RTD

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is proposing service changes to increase service reliability and improve on-time performance.

Service changes could take affect May 29.

Changes can be viewed online at https://www.rtd-denver.com/service-changes/may-2022.

RTD Extends Comment Period on Draft System Optimization Plan

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) has extended the public comment period for the Reimagine RTD draft System Optimization Plan (SOP) through March 9.

The SOP includes recommendations for service redesign and serves as a route-by-route guide for service development through 2027.

The draft SOP was developed with the goal of addressing declining ridership trends, improving service performance, ensuring fiscal sustainability, addressing changing demands, as well as aiding the agency to remain competitive and improve service quality. Along with tactics for optimizing routes, the plan includes several recommendations for the entire system that supports these routes.

To provide comments, please email communityengagement@rtd-denver.com or leave a voicemail by calling 303.489.7792

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