Register and Prep for Bike to Work Day, June 28

Businesses can join the Bike to Work Business Challenge.

Joyride for better air! Put some fun in your commute when you sign up for Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, June 28. Join Commuting Solutions’ partner, the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ (DRCOG) Way to Go program, and thousands of your fellow Denver-area residents for Bike to Work Day this summer. 

Each year, the DRCOG’s Way to Go program organizes the Bike to Work Day event with help from member governments and organizational partners in the Denver metro region. Bike to Work Day represents a grassroots effort by people in the region who care about educating residents and businesses on the benefits of using two wheels to get to work.

Register to swap your car for a bicycle and help improve air quality by not putting out vehicular ozone emissions. Individuals are automatically entered into a drawing to win prizes, including a Tern e-bike when they register. 

Bike to Work Day Business Challenge

A big part of 2023’s Bike to Work Day is the Bike to Work Day Business Challenge. Your business can earn recognition by encouraging employees to commute by bike for the day. Once your business is signed up, encourage employees to register to ride their bikes on Bike to Work Day, Wednesday, June 28, 2023. 

The more employees you sign up, the higher you’ll rank on the Bike to Work Day Business Challenge leaderboard. Contact Way to Go at if you have questions. Download resources from Way to Go to help you promote your Business Challenge here

Bike To Work Day Tips for Riders

Way to Go’s tips for bicyclists:

  • Be alert and prepare for your ride.
  • Always wear a helmet and bright, reflective clothing. Use bike lights at night.
  • Plan your route ahead of time. Long commute? Bring your bike on the bus or light rail.
  • Make sure your bike is in safe, working order. Regularly check your chains, tires, brakes and lights.
  • Carry a basic bicycle repair kit and learn about bike tuning.
  • Be considerate of others on the road, path and trail. Give an audible signal when passing pedestrians.
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing intersections and use hand signals when turning.
  • Register your bike and learn your city and county’s local biking ordinances.
  • Learn how to lock up your bike securely.

Bike to Work Day Tips for Drivers

Way to Go’s tips for drivers:

  • Be alert and considerate when sharing the road.
  • Remember that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists.
  • Know your weight advantage. A car can weigh two tons or more, while the average bike with rider is about 180 pounds.
  • Obey speed limits and other road rules.
  • Signal your turns and watch for hand signals from cyclists.
  • Check before you exit your car to avoid hitting a cyclist with your door.

Even More Biking Opportunities

Through the Way to Go program, you can also participate in group rides throughout the summer. You can host your own group ride or join a ride led by Way to Go partners. Sign up and find more information about group rides here.

We’ll see you on the roads for Bike to Work Day 2023 on Wednesday, June 28! 

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