U.S. 36 First and Final Mile Study

Why the First and Final Mile Matters

The first and final mile of a transit trip is often the hardest miles to complete, especially in suburban communities that were originally designed for cars. Limited connections and long walking distances are just a couple of factors that can prove difficult to reach a final destination or to leave from your neighborhood. The US 36 First and Final Mile Study was developed to address how the northwest metro region can overcome the first and final mile and reduce barriers to riding transit. By addressing the First and Final Mile issue, our study and resulting efforts are connecting commuters, residents and visitors to their destinations safely, efficiently and single occupancy vehicle free.

Study Overview

The First and Final Mile Study focuses on the ease-of-use and travel-safety concerns related to the first and final miles of a commute and provides solutions on how to make travel options in the northwest metro region safe, accessible and attractive. The study’s main objective was to identify solutions to better connect transit riders to the six US 36 RTD stations and surrounding activity centers.

Woman rides bike along US 36 while RTD Flatiron Flyer bus drives on US 36
Woman rides bike past Westbound US 36 Bike-n-Ride Shelter in Louisville

US 36 First and Final Mile Progress!

Addressing the first and final mile is an ongoing issue that Commuting Solutions is leading the way to advocate and secure funding for, to ensure that US 36 employees, residents and visitors have access to a safe and connected transit system.

Nine Corridor-Wide Recommendations

  • Bike-n-Ride shelters. Learn more about Bike-n-Ride bike shelters in the northwest metro region and plans for additional shelters to be built.
  • Rendering of US 36 Bikeway SignageBranded wayfinding signs for all communities along the US 36 corridor and at the Westminster Station. Currently, wayfinding signage is being installed throughout the region, making it easier for residents, employees and tourists to navigate our region.
  • EcoPasses for individuals and businesses within close proximity to one of the six US 36 RTD stations. Commuting Solutions has been actively working with our partners and employers throughout the northwest metro region to help increase EcoPasses distributed in our region.
  • Private carshare and taxi services at each US 36 RTD stations.
  • B-cycle membership. Currently, memberships to bike share program are valid in Denver, Boulder, Westminster, Longmont and coming soon to communities throughout the northwest metro region.
  • Transit-supportive land use policies.
  • Real-time US 36 bus tracker. Commuting Solutions recently partnered with Boulder County to share information about Transita smartphone app that allows users to track their bus in real time.
  • Bikeshare services at each station, including B-cycle, stationless bikeshare and/or bike libraries.
  • Secure scooter parking.

June 25 Membership Meeting

June 25, 2024  | 8:00 – 9:30 p.m.
At Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster