CO Highway 119 First and Final Mile Study

Why the First and Final Mile Matters

CO 119 is an essential regional corridor that provides an important connection between the City of Boulder and the City of Longmont and to a number of key destinations. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) , express/managed lanes and a regional bikeway are planned for the corridor.

The CO 119 First and Final Mile Study will provide phased recommendations for safe and comfortable multimodal connections to existing and future transit stops/stations, as well as to a more direct bikeway along CO 119. These recommendations will consider how the stations areas vary across the corridor—by land use, transit user and trip types and the surrounding street network. Recommendations will include:

  • Low-stress bicycle and pedestrian connections
  • Way-finding signage
  • Shared parking (Gunbarrel station only)
  • Microtransit (Gunbarrel station only)
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • New programs

First and Final Mile Study

A consultant team led by Fehr & Peers will conduct a planning study to create corridor-wide recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian connections, shared parking and microtransit.

This study will develop a plan to increase transit ridership by developing strategies to improve multi-modal connectivity and safety to the future Bus Rapid Transit stations along the corridor.

First and Final Mile Illustration project timeline

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