Peak Service Exploration: Northwest Rail

History of FasTracks

The RTD FasTracks project is the nation’s largest transit expansion project, promising to build and operate high-speed commuter and Bus Rapid Transit service while also expanding and improving bus service and Park-n-Rides throughout the Denver metro region. FasTracks was voter approved in 2004 and includes the following commitments:

  • 122 miles of new light rail and commuter rail
  • 18 miles of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service
  • 57 new transit stations
  • 21,213 additional parking spaces at Park-n-Ride stations
  • Enhanced bus service and FastConnects throughout the region

However, due to unexpected funding issues and the recession in 2008, the Northwest Rail line, which would connect Denver to Longmont, has yet to be completed beyond the South Westminster Station. While there may not be funds to complete the entire commuter rail line until 2040, RTD along with regional partners has committed to exploring Peak Service for the rail line.

potential north west rail line



Peak Service Options

The proposed service plan for peak service is to have three trains during the peak morning commute hours and three trains during the peak evening commute hours.

proposed service plan for the rtd b line

Commitment to Northwest Rail

In March 2019, the Northwest Mayors & Commissioners Coalition released a letter reconfirming their commitment to Northwest Rail and Peak Service exploration. The RTD Board of Directors voted on April 16, 2019 to approve a resolution to completed the FasTracks obligations and pursue Peak Service exploration for Northwest Rail. This would include Option 1A: three trains in morning peak travel time from Longmont to Denver and three trains in evening peak travel time from Denver to Longmont.


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