Let’s Go, Colorado (Proposition 110)

What is Let’s Go, Colorado?

Let’s Go, Colorado, also known as Proposition 110, is a ballot initiative to address the funding needs for transportation across the state of Colorado. The ballot initiative is being put forth by a coalition of nearly 30 organizations statewide commonly known as Coloradoans for Coloradoans.

On August 6, the Let’s Go, Colorado ballot initiative submitted over 198,000 signatures to the Secretary of State for Colorado to be put on the November ballot. On August 23, the Secretary of State announced that the Let’s Go, Colorado ballot initiative had made it on the November ballot as Proposition 110.

Proposition 110 asks voters to approve a 0.62 percent sales tax over 20 years that would provide money to the State Highway Fund (45 percent), Local Transportation Priorities Fund: Cities (20 percent) and Counties (20 percent), and a Multimodal Transportation Fund (15 percent). The projected revenue for the first year is $767 million.

How Did We Get Here?

Colorado is currently in a transportation funding crisis. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is reporting a nine-billion-dollar funding shortfall to address the transportation needs of projects in the northwest metro region and beyond.

How did this massive funding deficit happen? Despite Colorado’s unprecedented growth over the last several decades, our transportation needs have gone unmet. Our transportation funding comes from a gas tax passed in 1992. Approximately $0.22 from every gallon of gas sold goes towards funding Colorado’s transportation network. The downside of the gas tax is that it isn’t tied to important factors such as inflation, increased gas prices and our growing economy. Modern vehicles are also more fuel-efficient which means that less revenue is generated per vehicle.

Today, Colorado spends just $69 per driver for transportation infrastructure compared to the nearly $125 per driver when the gas tax was originally passed. Since its passing in 1992, the gas tax has not changed, leading to a transportation budget that can barely keep with the costs of maintenance, let alone new improvement and multimodal investments.

Funding Breakdown by Community in the Northwest Metro Region

CDOT Approved Project List for the Northwest Metro Region

Why Commuting Solutions Supports Let’s Go, Colorado

On August 1, 2018 the Commuting Solutions Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the Let’s Go, Colorado ballot initiative. We believe that this initiative proposes a plan that will fund the transportation needs of the northwest metro region for generations to come and most importantly, is fair.

Not only will Proposition 110 provide funding for state projects that are critical to the growth of our state and region, but also allows for each community to address their own local priorities.

With our region being one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in our state, we know that we cannot build our way out of traffic congestion. The Let’s Go, Colorado ballot initiative designates 15% of the revenue from the tax increase to multimodal funding that will support transportation options that decrease traffic congestion and protect our air quality. The investment in multimodal projects includes interregional transit projects, large scale bike paths and improvements for pedestrians.

Commuting Solutions, in partnership with over 30 organizations across the state, believes that the Let’s Go, Colorado ballot initiative is our best option for transportation funding today and in the future.

Commuting Solutions’ Board of Directors also unanimously voted to oppose the Fix Our Damn Roads initiative (Proposition 109), which is on the November ballot as well.

Coalition of Support

Proposition 110 Local Project Videos

State Highway 7
State Highway 42
State Highway 119
US 287
Sheridan Underpass
Transit Improvements on 28th and Broadway

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