President Joe Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

On Monday, President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill which put more than $550 billion into transportation, broadband internet and utilities.

Earlier this month, Congress passed the federal infrastructure bill which will send an estimated $700 million to $850 million to the state for transportation projects over the next five years.

Colorado is expected to receive more than $5 billion from the bill over the next five years for highways, bridges, public transportation, expansion of broadband internet service, water infrastructure improvements, airport projects and more.

The state will decide how to apply the highway money to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s 10-year priority plan, which includes projects in the northwest metro region.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, major Colorado infrastructure achievements include:

  • Establish sustainable revenue sources that account for how all users of cars and trucks interface with the transportation system today
  • Put the state on track to deliver Gov. Jared Polis’ administration’s 10-year capital plan to fix the roads, bridges and multimodal system.
  • Make record investments in the transition to electric vehicles.
  • Establish a first of its kind enterprise fund specifically to advance clean transportation options and clean air in areas where residents suffer the most severe air pollution in the state.
  • Strength multimodal and transit options for state and local partners.
  • Expand the state’s Revitalizing Main Streets program.
  • Task the state to advance a first in the nation effort to establish pollution reduction planning standards for transportation infrastructure.
  • Create important institutional changes to strengthen clean transportation, equity and the supply chain.

For more information on the achievements, visit CDOT online.

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