Commuting Solutions Advances Travel Choice With Northwest Regional TDM Plan, TDM Developer Toolkit

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The Northwest Mobility Study challenges us to think broadly about our region’s transportation needs and focus on transportation demand management (TDM) opportunities that will inspire people to change their commute behavior.

With that mission in mind, Commuting Solutions is leading the creation of two new initiatives for the northwest metro region: the Northwest Regional TDM Plan and the TDM Developer Toolkit.

Setting the Pace With the Northwest Regional TDM Plan

Over the next five to ten years, we want to ensure that Coloradans continue to adapt and expand their travel behavior; that they seek out non-driving, sustainable, commuting, and traveling options. To achieve this objective, Commuting Solutions is leading an effort to develop a regional plan that outlines TDM strategies for the northwest metro region.

As communities in Colorado’s northwest metro region think more broadly about the commuting and travel needs of their residents, TDM should be considered and promoted among the solutions that can help resolve congestion, global warming, job access for essential workers, community health, affordability, and more. The plan is therefore being designed through a thoughtful process that involves ongoing engagement of community stakeholders, as well as in-depth research into TDM best practices.

Developer Toolkit Aims to Guide Public-Private Collaboration on TDM

In addition to the Northwest Regional TDM Plan, Commuting Solutions is also underway with another effort to encourage transportation choices in new developments.

Public-private partnerships around new development present excellent opportunities to use zoning and policy in tandem to create travel choice and sustainability. To support these collaborations, we are developing a TDM Developer Toolkit for the northwest metro region, municipalities, and developers to encourage the incorporation of infrastructure and sources that support a development plan.

When available, this TDM Developer Toolkit will provide best practices to assist governments and developers as they incorporate strategies and infrastructure that will provide more travel and commute choices for occupants of new buildings. Using the toolkit, builders can create options and alternatives to help negate solo car trips and excess parking. The idea is for them to think about—and then incorporate—unique TDM strategies at the planning stages of a project, not as a tacked-on afterthought once done.

To package the TDM Developer Toolkit, we will be taking inventory of local governments’ parking codes for Boulder County, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Westminster, Erie, and Longmont. We are also researching TDM best practice policies that have already been implemented in other regions and identify practices and strategies that can be applied to our own region.

Stay Tuned for Progress Updates

As the regional plan and developer toolkit both take shape, we’ll provide you with more insight into key developments, including what we’re learning and some of the recommendations that are emerging.

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