Nonprofit launches U.S. 36 carpool network

November 7, 2011

Audrey DeBarros, Executive Director
Commuting Solutions

Nonprofit launches U.S. 36 carpool network

Louisville, Colo. – Commuting Solutions has launched a carpool network to make finding a carpool partner easy.

The Commuting Solutions Carpool Network allows commuters to register their daily commute to search for open carpools and vanpools, find a transit route for their commute, and use social media to let friends know about their search for a carpool partner.  The carpool network also allows commuters to track the impact of their commute in carbon dioxide, gasoline, and vehicle expense savings.

Commuting Solutions is also working with U.S. 36 businesses to create smaller, employer-based networks within the larger network.  “There are many benefits to establishing an employer network,” says Audrey DeBarros, Executive Director of Commuting Solutions.  “Joining an employer network helps individual commuters identify co-workers within the system.  Additionally, an employer network helps businesses to understand the commute needs of employees, and to track progress over time.”

The Commuting Solutions Carpool Network currently has over 1,000 members, and, since May, members have logged more than 800,000 miles using transit, carpool, vanpool and bicycling, and teleworking.  This has resulted in significant savings to the region:  over 311,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 18,000 gallons of gasoline, and $111,000 in vehicle expenses.

However, with over 120,000 vehicle trips on U.S. 36 every day, Commuting Solutions is looking to grow the carpool network.  According to the 2011 Urban Mobility Report published by Texas A&M University, Denver is the 8th most congested city in the nation, with the average vehicle commuter spending over 49 hours in 2010 in traffic congestion.  “If every solo-driver used a sustainable commute only one time a month, we would have 5% less solo-vehicles on the road every day,” says DeBarros.  “This would equate to a faster and safer commute for everyone.  The Commuting Solutions Carpool Network is a great tool to connect commuters with a carpool, vanpool or transit route to reduce the number of solo-drivers.”

Carpool Network members have positive things to say about the new tool:

  • “I used the Carpool Network and was matched with someone who lives close to me and works in the same complex I do,” says Carol Campbell who works at Ten West at Westmoor.  “It was great – she picked me up at home and dropped me off in the evening, so it was very convenient!”
  • “Seeing the amount of gasoline, money, and miles I have saved both excites and motivates me to continue using alternate transportation,” says Christina Kalb of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.
  •  “The tracking tool was easy to use and helped me see the environmental and financial savings of my sustainable commute,” says Jan Merriman of Covidien.

To join the Commuting Solutions carpool network, visit  For more information about commute options, visit

About Commuting Solutions:
Commuting Solutions is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the mobility of commuters along the U.S. 36 corridor for today and the future.  Our public-private coalition consists of fifty-five private sector members and eight public sector members between Westminster and Boulder and Longmont, and nine individual members.


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