Micro-Infrastructure and its Macro Role in Transit Connectivity

July 21, 2016

NWC-SD2 opt 2 112414-03 (small)When you think of the newly transformed US 36 corridor, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the new Flatiron Flyer vehicle that provides a more comfortable trip or how to find and connect to the US 36 Bikeway? Connecting between modes of transportation in a suburban setting, which is typically lower in density, is an important factor in how commuters utilize a multi-modal system. Maximizing the system’s capacity and use typically involves engineering smaller scale projects and services to seamlessly tie the system together.

These “small” projects are what we like to refer to as micro-infrastructure improvements. These are smaller-scale capital construction projects, programs and services that are needed to improve connectivity and accessibility to transit, and thus increase transit ridership within our suburban corridor context. Micro-infrastructure improvement is a term coined in the US 36 First and Final Mile Study, where we provide a blueprint for how to improve transit access through smaller-scale improvements.

We are currently working on implementing two improvements from the First and Final Mile Study: expanding wayfinding and bike shelters along the US 36 corridor, which are integral components of a bike-then-bus or bike-on-bus commute.  Another micro-infrastructure improvement from the study is expanding bike sharing programs in the corridor, a recommendation that Westminster recently implemented and one that we are addressing on a corridor-wide level.

The corridor continues to become more connected each day, but there is still work needed to streamline the transit-connection process. Micro-infrastructure improvements are one (small) way that we will meet the ever-evolving needs of those who use the US 36 corridor’s transit system.

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