Looking for a free ride . . . look to Commuting Solutions. Express Lane Groupies Ride for Free.

Louisville, Colorado—Commuting Solutions, a local nonprofit organization providing programs and assistance to commuters along the US 36 corridor, is offering cash incentives to commuters who agree to start carpooling, vanpooling or taking transit instead of driving alone along US 36. These cash incentives include a rebate for the HOV Switchable Pass that allows carpoolers to drive for free in the new US 36 and South I-25 Express Lanes.

Commuting Solutions Executive Director Audrey DeBarros explains, “As the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) outlines the choices available to all travelers on the corridor, Commuting Solutions will run a parallel campaign inspiring commuters to share rides in the US 36 Express Lanes. The campaign offers up to $75 in incentives and a faster commute to those who form new carpools, vanpools and take the bus.”

The colorful campaign with headlines like “Express Lane groupies ride for free.” “Together we cruise.” and “Express Lane envy?” introduces commuters to the transportation options that are available and launching in early 2016. These options include: a new and improved US 36 Corridor that will host RTD’s Flatiron Flyer, a bus rapid transit (BRT) service with fast, frequent and reliable service. RTD has upgraded six of its Park–n-Rides along US 36, to high-tech, easily accessed transit stations. The first 11 miles of the US 36 Bikeway between Louisville and Westminster is open and cyclists are enjoying a commute that rivals their car for time, and easily noses out the car for cost, enjoyment and stress relief. The remaining seven miles of this “highway for bicyclists” will extend to the Table Mesa Station when the ribbon is cut in early 2016.

If you drive US 36 for your daily commute and are ready to be paid to give carpooling, vanpooling or transit a go, please visit the Commuting Solutions campaign page at commutingsolutions.org and sign up for your incentive. The campaign runs through 2016.

About Commuting Solutions:
Commuting Solutions is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the mobility of commuters along the US 36 corridor. Our public-private coalition consists of 76 private sector members, nine public sector members between Westminster, Boulder and Longmont, and nine individual members. We understand the challenges and difficulties associated with the daily commute and offer real-life solutions to Northwest-area commuters.

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