HB17-1242 is Critical to the Future of Transportation Funding in Colorado

I-70 west of Denver

A catalyst for economic growth and lifeline for communities in the northwest metro region, transportation serves a critical role in connecting people to places and fostering a vibrant economy. House Bill 17-1242 (HB17-1242) is the first bill in decades to receive bipartisan support to provide sustainable funding for multi-modal transportation infrastructure, services and programs for 20 years. If approved by the General Assembly, HB17-1242 would ask voters this November to increase sales tax by .05 percent to generate millions of dollars to address the statewide and local transportation needs locally for our communities and counties and throughout Colorado.

We’ve taken a stance of support for HB17-1242 because it is our best option to fund elements of our states transportation system. This includes highways, roads, public transit, bicycle infrastructure and pedestrian improvements. Currently, 84 percent of Colorado’s major urban roads are in poor or mediocre condition and cost Coloradans thousands of dollars in additional car maintenance and repairs. This physical cost doesn’t include the additional 49 hours metro Denver drivers spend in traffic congestion. Without sufficient funding, our system will become less safe and a lack of travel options make it difficult for people to get to work, harms the quality of life for employers and makes it harder for companies to attract top talent. Colorado needs to invest in transportation to compete against other neighboring states who have already chosen to do so.

HB17-1242 is a critical step in not only keeping Colorado roads safe, but also ensuring that communities throughout the northwest metro region continue to have vibrant economies and is a leader in commute options for generations to come. Currently, HB17-1242 passed the House of Representatives and the Senate Transportation committee. Our advocacy efforts aren’t over yet! Join us in advocating for the future of multi-modal transportation by calling your senator and expressing your support for HB17-1242.

For additional information about the funding structure for HB17-1242, click here.

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