Free Passes for “HOV Only” Drivers

Free Passes for “HOV Only” Drivers

Switchable HOV passes are now available for free for drivers that travel on the I-25 and US 36 Express Lanes and plan to only use those passes for carpooling!

Previously, the transponders cost $15 for all drivers, but CDOT and HPTE made the change to make carpooling easier for those who are dedicated to that mode of travel. If drivers plan to use any of the other Colorado tolled facilities like the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, E-470 or Northwest Parkway, or if they use their pass in Toll mode on the US 36 and I-25 Express Lanes, they are not eligible for the free pass.

Drivers who receive the free pass must drive in HOV mode at least once in the first six months after receiving it in order to remain an HOV Only account. If drivers do not use it within six months, use the pass in Toll mode, or on a tolled facility, they will be charged the cost of the switchable HOV pass. In addition, HOV Only drivers must have a driver and at least two passengers to use the Express Lanes for free under the new HOV 3+ rule.

For questions about your account, the HOV Only account and pass or to find the pass that works best for you, contact ExpressToll at or (303) 537-3470.

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