Bike Northwest Interactive Map FAQ

What is the Bike Northwest Map?

The Bike Northwest Map allows people to plan out their bike route. Whether you’re riding along the US 36 Bikeway, or through Boulder, the interactive GIS map will allow you to see what type of routes are available!

The map is a collaborative effort with Boulder County, City of Boulder, City of Lafayette, City of Longmont, City of Louisville, City of Westminster, City and County of Broomfield and Town of Superior as well as Way to Go, Esri and Commuting Solutions!

What does the Bike Northwest Interactive Map feature?

By using the Bike Northwest Interactive Map, you can:

  • Use links to other useful bicycle-related content
  • Find what type of bike paths are available in the area
  • Customize the map view to show bike routes, RTD bus station locations, RTD Park-n-Ride locations, RTD bus routes or RTD Call-n-Ride services areas, or all of the above
  • Customize the map by choosing a background including satellite images, topographic and terrain maps, aerial views and more
  • Use tools to measure distances, area and get precise latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates
  • Share specific map views through email, Facebook or Twitter

How do I get started using Bike Northwest Interactive Map?

Whether you’re riding to work, or going for a weekend cruise, the Bike Northwest Interactive Map is easy to use!

You can start by mapping your route with the map, then trace your steps either as a pedestrian or in a car. It’s good practice to know your route before getting started!

Then head over to the map!

Where can I ride to using the Bike Northwest Interactive Map?

With the Bike Northwest Map, the possibilities are endless!

The US 36 Bikeway has 18 miles connecting the US 36 & Table Mesa Station in Boulder to 80th Avenue in Westminster. There are 12-foot-wide paved way to provide bicyclists throughout the northwest metro region.

The bikeway allows riders to connect to home, work and businesses along the corridor.

The bikemap features roads with multi-use paved paths, bike routes (paved shoulders) bike routes, bike lanes, one-way bike lanes, multi-use path soft surfaces, and bike lane contra-flows.

You can search for specific locations within the map, or just scroll through it to find your next route!

Enjoy your ride!

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