CO 119 Diagonal Highway Transportation Projects: June 2022 Community Meeting Follow-Up

CDOT, RTD, and Boulder County held a virtual Community Meeting on June 27, 2022 to show preliminary design plans for the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project and CO 119 Bikeway Design Project. The project teams have reviewed questions and comments received during the June 2022 Community Meeting comment period (June 27 – July 18).   


Informational resources have been developed to address questions, provide additional information, and share design plans that have changed based upon the community input received.

Design Updates Following Community Meeting 

During the community meeting comment period, comments were submitted, among others, about access changes at Airport/Ogallala Roads and BRT stop locations. In response to this input, members of the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project Team visited the corridor in August 2022 to complete new traffic observations. Based upon community input and the findings from the field visit, CDOT has changed the right-in/right-out access plan at Ogallala Road. Now, the through lane from Ogallala Road to northbound Airport Road will be preserved. CDOT also plans to add new signage and extend the left turn lane on SB CO 119 at 83rd Street to make this left turn movement safer. Due to community input gathered through the preliminary design process, RTD is in discussions with the City of Boulder and the City of Longmont regarding potential additional BRT stops.   

Ebikes on the CO 119 Commuter Bikeway 

At the community meeting, the project team indicated that only class 1 and 2 ebikes would be allowed on the CO 119 Community Bikeway. Since that time, we have determined that class 1, 2, and class 3 ebikes will be permitted. The bikeway will be built within the CDOT right-of-way, and per State law Class 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes are permitted on bike paths within a street or highway.

Stay Connected

The project websites have the latest information and will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. As the projects progress toward final design, the project teams will continue to consider community input that advances the projects’ goals of safety, mobility, and connectivity. A virtual community meeting is anticipated for summer 2023 with final design plans and initial construction information. Visit the websites for the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project and CO 119 Bikeway Design Project to sign up for project updates and submit comments or questions. 

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