Commuting Solutions to Conduct Bikeshare Feasibility Study

We’re excited to tell you that Commuting Solutions has been awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), which is also supported by federal funds, to conduct a feasibility study for a bikeshare program in the northwest metro region. 

The Boulder BCycle Regional Bikeshare Feasibility Study will pull together local governments, businesses, and Commuting Solutions team members so they can explore together the feasibility, cost, and prioritization of a bikeshare networking program for Boulder, Boulder County, Louisville, Superior, Broomfield, Lafayette, Erie and Longmont.

What is a Bikeshare Program

Bikeshare programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may be familiar with bike sharing through companies such as Lyft or Lime. Municipalities also sponsor bikeshare programs and may work with private companies and/or public funds to tailor a sharing program that’s best for their area.

For example, Denver has agreements with Lyft and Lime to operate Denver’s Shared Micromobility Program, a bike and scooter-share system, to provide residents, employees, and visitors with convenient options to get around Denver without a car.

The Benefits of Bikesharing  

The benefits of bicycling are plentiful! Bike share programs are great for the occasional bike rider. You don’t have to own your own bike, of course. Bike sharing can be cost-efficient and a great way for visitors to explore a new travel destination. Bike riding is an excellent way to exercise and contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and bicycles can take you to interesting places you can’t always get to in a car.  

Bikes can help transit commuters close the crucial “last mile gap” of a commute. When their bus, van or train’s last stop is still a mile or so from their destination or workplace, a bikeshare program can help them get from door-to-door faster. Bikeshare programs are often located near transit stations, allowing a commuter to get on/off a bike quickly and efficiently at their last/first transit stop.

And of course bikesharing provides an excellent alternative to having to own a car, for some. With a bike, you have the freedom to easily get around your own town for work or play, sometimes quicker than a vehicle could get you there. 

Connect to Existing Bike Pathways

Given the northwest region’s extensive network of bike paths and trails, you will be able to connect flawlessly to other communities using a bikeshare program. Find a map to the region’s existing biking pathways here

We hope the bikeshare feasibility study will be completed by 2024. Any determined next steps will begin soon after, so we can get you out and about to explore the northwest region with a bike as soon as possible! 

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