Commuting Solutions, Northwest Mayors and Commissioners Coalition Travel to Washington D.C. to Speak with Legislators About CO 119, NAMS Priority Projects

A coalition of transportation advocates met with national leadership for the first time in-person in three years since the COVID-19 Pandemic

Group outside the US Capitol building

Commuting Solutions Encourages National-Level Support

Our February trip with the Northwest Mayors & Commissioners Coalition (NW MCC) and others to Washington D.C. was a whirlwind of meetings, greetings, and a little sight-seeing with transportation officials and legislators. It’s so important to acknowledge the work being done at the national level and to thank our legislators who work hard to pass critical legislation. We’re grateful for their hard work and continued dialogue with our organization.

This year’s advocacy trip to Capitol Hill was the first in-person visit since 2020 because of prior COVID-related restrictions. The group included the NW MCC representatives and also elected officials from the nine local governments in our region. We were there as a representative coalition for the alternative transportation interests of the northwest metro region and its business community. Also joining the group were leaders from the Sister Carmen Community Center, RTD, CDOT, and Front Range Passenger Rail.

Continued Support for Colorado Highway 119 Improvements

A top priority during the visit to DC was to use the opportunity to solidify national-level support for Colorado Highway 119 multimodal improvements. The CO 119, or “Diagonal,” project provides for critical corridor improvements, connects the regional bikeway, and implements Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), connecting Boulder County with Larimer and Weld counties.

The ongoing improvements to CO 119 promote safe, efficient, and equitable mobility options for people and goods traveling by car, truck, transit, bicycle, and on foot. The Diagonal enjoys a broad collaboration and partnership among local stakeholders, so it’s important that national legislators and transportation leadership also keep Colorado’s plans and goals to enhance regional mobility in mind, especially as it relates to continued funding at the national level.

What Federal Funding Helps Provide

At the federal level, the NW MCC requested continued support for not only CO 119 funding, but also for the 2023 RAISE grant application that was submitted by Boulder County. CO 119 is anticipated to have over 2K transit riders per day by 2040.

Other needs for federal funding of CO’s alternative transportation initiatives include:

  • Increased investment in the Capital Investment Program to advance more projects.
  • Amtrak funding to assist with implementation of Front Range Passenger Rail + Northwest Rail.
  • Incentivizing and encouraging the railroads to work with local governments to share track for commuter rail options.
  • Funding of safety improvements to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes for people using all modes of travel.
  • Federal programs and funding to assist with reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and improving safety for people using all modes of travel.

We’ll be back in the halls of the US Capitol next year, too! Because nothing sends a positive message of support than being there, in-person and face-to-face, and having those important conversations with decision-makers that highlight our advocacy and commitment to improving the air we breathe and the ways we travel.

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CO 119 Membership Meeting

April 24, 2024  | 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
At Hampton Inn & Suites, Boulder North