Commuting by Bike in the Northwest Metro Region

Why Cycle?

Cycling to work is one of the most powerful ways to positively impact our region’s traffic congestion and air quality. When you trade your car for a bike, you save money, get a workout and experience the joys of zipping past traffic on two wheels. See our article on Getting Started with Bicycle Commuting.

It’s never been easier to commute using  resources like the US 36 Bikeway. Considering the mental, physical and environmental benefits associated with riding your bike, it is no wonder that cycling to work has increased. 51% of Coloradans now cycle or walk to work, according to the League of American Bicyclists’ 2016 report, “Where We Ride: An Analysis of Bicycling in American Cities”.

About the US 36 Bikeway

At 18 miles in length and connecting the US 36 & Table Mesa Station in Boulder to 80th Avenue in Westminster, the 12-foot wide bikeway provides a safer ride for cyclists throughout the northwest metro region. Not only does the US 36 Bikeway help connect commuters to their workplace, it also connects to activity centers, local businesses, six RTD Stations and other local routes to communities throughout the northwest metro region.

Plan your next adventure on the US 36 Bikeway by mapping your route online:

Don't own a bike? Try a bike share program!

No bike? No problem! Cruising through the northwest metro region is easier than ever with our flourishing Bike Share program. Whether you’re a resident, employee or visitor, bike share programs allow riders to connect flawlessly to communities throughout the region.

Commuting Solutions is working closely with our partners to implement a regional bike share program.

Bike-n-Ride Bike shelters

Bike-n-Ride shelters provide bicycle parking for transit riders making connections to and from RTD stations. The Bike-n-Ride program makes it easy to combine bus trips and bike rides by using the shelter to complete the first or final mile of your commute.

Man puts bike onto rack inside a Bike-n-Ride Shelter

Colorado Cycling Resources

  • RTD Bike-n-Ride – RTD’s bus and rail system serves commuters, avid cyclists, and city cruisers alike. 
  • – BikeRide is an online cycling community that serves as a hub for cyclists to promote and join cycling events, as well as offering how-to repair guides, discussion forums and bike reviews with price comparisons.
  • e-bike of Colorado – Colorado’s largest electric bike dealer
  • Bicycle Colorado – Advocacy and education for Colorado cyclists

Commuting Solutions Bicycling Webinars

June 25 Membership Meeting

June 25, 2024  | 8:00 – 9:30 p.m.
At Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster