Share Your Commute

By sharing a ride, you can help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the Denver northwest metro region. Carpooling not only benefits the environment, but it directly benefits you! By sharing a ride, you can save time with Express Lanes, money on gas and reduces stress by not sitting in traffic. Travel the US 36 Express Lanes for free by carpooling with two or more people as a High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)!

Commuting Solutions can provide multiple options to find carpools, start your own carpool with Way to Go, Waze Carpool or Go I-70 options.

Getting Started with Carpooling in Denver Metro Region

For those who commute throughout the Denver metro region and beyond, resources like can help you find registered users who are either part of an existing pool or are looking for a carpool buddy.

When you register on, you become part of a regional database with over 10,000 users. To find the best carpooling option for you, enter your starting location, ending location and the details for when you would want to meet. The site will then show you existing carpools you can reach out to as well as other commuters looking for a carpool.

Waze Carpool allows users to input their starting point and destination and can be matched with other rides driving the same direction! 

Carpool services are also available to head to the mountains! Go I-70 provides different options for people who want to carpool to Colorado’s famous mountain towns year-round.

Plan your commute on


Tips and Tricks for Successful Carpools 

Cruise stress-free by laying down some ground rules first! Important things to discuss prior to zipping past traffic are:

  1. How long will you wait on late arrivals?
  2. What happens if someone has to stay late at work?
  3. How will you track trips and payment?
  4. What days you’ll carpool. Will this be an everyday carpool, or just a few days a week?
  5. Who is responsible for driving, and on which days?

Establishing the rules of the pool upfront helps ensure that everyone has a smooth ride.

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