Our Summer Vacation: Creating Lasting Community Connections

Palisade peaches, warm weather, and countless biking adventures aren’t the only reason why we love summer at Commuting Solutions! From farmers markets to office picnics to RTD Rider Appreciation – our summer is filled with opportunities to connect with communities throughout the northwest metro region.

With fall right around the corner, we wanted to say farewell to summer by sharing some of our favorite memories from the past few months and give a sneak peek at what is on the horizon for Commuting Solutions!

RTD Rider Appreciation Events

From early mornings to evenings after work, we celebrated all our transit riders that have chosen a stress-free commute through our RTD Rider Appreciation events!

RTD Rider Appreciation events not only help us show our transit riders how much we care, but also provide an opportunity for our bus riders to meet their local RTD representatives and share feedback on their transit trips. So far, we have hosted four RTD Rider Appreciation events, passed out over 2,500 snacks, connected with over 5,000 commuters and have had countless positive conversations.

We aren’t done with RTD Rider Appreciation events! Don’t miss one of our three remaining events at an RTD station near you! Learn more by clicking here.


MyRide Distribution Events

In an effort to encourage residents in Louisville and Lafayette to try the bus as a simple step for cleaner air, we joined Boulder County in distributing RTD MyRide cards preloaded with $50 in transit fare. Over the course of five MyRide distribution events, we helped to distribute over 1,500 MyRide cards! The popularity of the program exceeded everyone’s expectations, with hundreds of residents and employee’s attendance at each MyRide distribution event. Due to such high demand of the program, the City of Louisville elected to distribute an additional 200 pre-loaded MyRide cards.

We wanted to say thank you to Boulder County, City of Lafayette and the City of Louisville for providing the $50 MyRide cards and increasing access for residents in Louisville and Lafayette to multimodal transportation options.

While summer may be coming to an end, we still have a handful of events on our calendar! In the coming months, you can spot us at Broomfield Days, Chili Fest and our upcoming Membership meeting. In addition to creating lasting connections in our community, we’ve also been hard at work this summer to keep the momentum going this fall.


Commuting Solutions is excited to share that we currently have sponsorship opportunities available for 2018! Why should your organization consider a Commuting Solutions Sponsorship?

  • You’ll be recognized as a leader in the transportation conversation and a champion for providing commuter options to the northwest metro region
  • Our sponsors receive premium brand exposure at all of our 2018 Signature events – allowing them to reach a larger audience
  • Gain exclusive access to industry experts, elected officials and local thought leaders

To learn more about our Sponsorship opportunities click here.

Quarterly Membership Meeting

Join us on September 12 from 7:15 – 9:00 AM at the 1st BANK Center for our upcoming Membership Meeting. Transportation experts and business leaders will share an inside look at what the future holds for transportation in the northwest metro region.

Our quarterly Membership Meetings, in partnership with the Northwest Chamber Alliance, provide a unique opportunity for stakeholders from across the northwest metro region to connect and learn more about initiatives that will continue to increase the economic vitality and commute options of our region.

Membership Meetings are complimentary for members of Commuting Solutions and the Northwest Chamber Alliance. Save your seat today by clicking here.

Thank you to our community members, partners, and commuters that made this summer one for the books! Keep an eye out for us this fall at community events and stay tuned for information on about exciting new programs that are underway.

Commuting Solutions is Hiring a Fall Intern!

Marketing and Community Outreach Intern

About Commuting Solutions:

Commuting Solutions is dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees, and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships and education, we create progressive, flexible transportation solutions.

Position Description:

Commuting Solutions is seeking an undergraduate student, graduate student, or entry-level professional preparing for a career in marketing, community outreach or transportation management to join our team as a fall intern. The ideal candidate will be asked to work 10-12 hours per week, with the exact schedule to be mutually decided upon.

The primary goal of the Commuting Solutions internship is to provide the individual with experience in day-to-day marketing and outreach activities and to assist with specific projects aimed to increase awareness of Commuting Solutions.

This is an outstanding entry level opportunity for candidates looking to enter the marketing, TDM or transportation sector. Compensation is $10 per hour, in addition to class credit.

 Areas of Responsibility

Social Media

  • Draft engaging and compelling social media content for Commuting Solutions’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages
  • Schedule approved social media content
  • Assist Marketing Coordinator with ad hoc social media posts
  • Assist with developing social media graphics

Content Creation

  • Assist with drafting content for monthly and quarterly newsletters
  • Assist with developing blog content
  • Draft press releases, media alerts, and editorial content
  • Assist with developing additional marketing materials, as needed
  • Maintain databases in Constant Contact

Event Marketing

  • Assist marketing coordinator in implementing event marketing campaigns
  • Work with marketing coordinator to develop new ideas to increase attendance and awareness of Commuting Solutions’ signature events


  • Represent Commuting Solutions at public events in the community
  • Organize exhibitor materials and supplies.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent organizational, verbal and writing skills
  • Knowledge of AP Style preferred
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Reliable, dependable, flexible and responsive
  • Strong computer skills required
  • Proficiency using MS Office Suite
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills
  • Ability and desire to work independently and as a part of a team
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks
  • Ability to work outside normal business hours, as needed
  • Strong interpersonal skills, good judgment and ability to communicate professionally with diverse audiences
  • Knowledge of Adobe Create Suites a plus

Please submit cover letter, resume, and a writing sample by Friday, August 11 to Taylor Broderick, marketing coordinator at taylor@commutingsolutions.org.




Happy Anniversary to CDOT’s US 36 Express Lanes Project

This time last year, we were celebrating the completion of CDOT’s US 36 Express Lanes Project, one of the largest construction projects in Colorado! This summer, we are pleased to share that the efforts and patience of the traveling public during construction has paid off. A model for the nation, the US 36 Express Lanes Project took an innovative approach to traffic congestion along US 36 and incorporates multimodal transportation that increases commuter options, in addition to an innovative financing mechanism through CDOT’s first Public-Private Partnership (P3). CDOT’s US 36 Express Lanes Project gives travelers in the northwest metro region a choice to zip past traffic in the US Express Lanes, Bus Rapid Transit services or along the US 36 Bikeway for today and into the future.

We are proud to share that RTD’s Flatiron Flyer has played a critical role in increasing bus ridership. With stations serviced every 15 minutes and the regional bus route transporting 14,500 riders every day, it is no surprise that ridership is up by nearly 50 percent. While the Flatiron Flyer is transporting a record number of commuters every day, the US 36 Express Lanes are playing a critical role in keeping people moving, whether on the bus or in a car. Since the opening of the US 36 Express Lanes, CDOT has seen lane speeds increase on certain days by as much as 29 percent faster than ever before! Not only are a record number of commuters reaching their final destinations, but they are getting there quicker. In addition to RTD Flatiron Flyer and US 36 Express Lanes ridership growth, the cycling community along the US 36 Bikeway is rapidly expanding! Since the Bikeway has opened, 175,707 cyclists and pedestrians have traveled along the bikeway to make an important transit connection and connect to new communities in our region.

While commuters and residents in the northwest metro region travel easily to their destinations, our work to increase mobility and connect the communities in our region is not over yet! We are continuing to work closely with our partners to find the sweet spot between transportation options, public-private partnerships, and technology.

An example of the intersect between transit and technology is the emergence of real-time transit apps. In three simple steps, commuters in our region can download Transit on their Apple or Android device to receive real-time transit updates, compare commute options and locate bike shelters and bike share stations nearby. To learn more about Transit please visit the Boulder County website.

At Commuting Solutions, we are proud of the innovation and collaboration that continues to propel our region into the future. We want to say thank you to our partners who played a critical role in CDOT’s US 36 Express Lanes Project and continue to advance multimodal transportation in our community. Without Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT); Denver Regional Councils of Governments (DRCOG); High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE); Plenary Roads Denver and the Regional Transportation District (RTD), we would not be able to continue to bring commuter options to the northwest metro region. In the coming months, we hope to see the implementation of a regional bike share program, consistent wayfinding signage installed throughout the region and increased ridership of our transit services.

The Future of Transportation Funding in the Northwest Region

Congested Roads

The conversation surrounding sustainable transportation funding has transcended beyond the walls of the Capitol. In the last days of the 2017 legislative session, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 17-267 (SB17-267), commonly known as the Hospital Provider Fee bill. On May 30, Governor Hickenlooper signed SB17-267 into law.

Senate Bill 17-267 is a sweeping measure that focuses on three aspects of state government: health care, taxes, and transportation. SB 17-267 authorizes the execution of lease agreements on state facilities beginning in the fall of 2018-2019. Currently, it is anticipated that SB17-267 will generate about $1.8 billion for transportation funding. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will allocate these funds to projects across the state that are on the Tier One project list, with ten percent dedicated for transit projects. While many projects are being considered, Commuting Solutions does not anticipate that this funding will meet the needs of the northwest metro region today nor is it a reliable funding source for the future.

As stated by Tony Milo, executive director of Colorado Contractors Association “SB17-267 is a great down payment on a bigger problem.” Currently, sustainable transportation advocates are working together to ensure that a policy put in front of voters makes sense for the state of Colorado and addresses our multimodal transportation needs. While residents in the northwest metro region most likely will not see a ballot measure this November, there is a possibility for an initiated measure to be on the 2018 ballot.

Commuting Solutions would like to thank our legislators who tirelessly advocated for sustainable transportation funding for our region. Moving forward, we will be working closely with public and private sector stakeholders to continue to create solutions that increase commuter options and connectivity in the northwest metro region.

Commuting Solutions Inspires Positive Commuter Behavior Change

When the largest construction project in Colorado commenced, Commuting Solutions, a local nonprofit and Transportation Management Organization (TMO) for the US 36 corridor, implemented a program that would ease commuter frustration along US 36 during and after the US 36 Express Lanes construction project by reducing solo driving along the US 36 corridor. In Sept. 2012, the US 36 Congestion Mitigation program kicked off with the goal of increasing multimodal transportation usage through providing education, resources, and incentives for workers in the US 36 corridor.

“The US 36 Congestion Mitigation program is the largest behavior change program Commuting Solutions has ever implemented,” said Audrey DeBarros, executive director of Commuting Solutions. “We expected the program to be successful, but what we didn’t anticipate was the overwhelmingly positive response and sustained commute behavior changes.”

Over the course of two years, the US 36 Congestion Mitigation program allowed workers in the US 36 corridor to apply for free or reduced public transportation options. This included services such as vanpooling, carpooling, Eco Passes, and 10-ride ticket books. When the program began, Commuting Solutions anticipated about 2,015 program participants. By the conclusion of the study 2,637 commuters learned about and received incentives for various commuter options.

“The US 36 Express Lanes allow travelers to choose how they want to get around: bus rapid transit, carpool, solo driving for free or by paying a toll or biking. The Congestion Mitigation program was able to educate and help people try these choices,” said David Spector, Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise Director. “Providing commuting options and incentives during large construction projects helps travelers deal with construction impacts, and prepares them to take advantage of the new mobility choices after construction.”

The response to the US 36 Congestion Mitigation program created a ripple effect throughout the northwest metro region. In two years, daily vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduced by over 12,500 miles per a day and over three million miles over the course of the year. This is the equivalent of 120 times around earth or 13 trips to the moon.

Not only were vehicle miles traveled significantly reduced due to the US 36 Congestion Mitigation program, but commuters also reported a significant behavior change. The US 36 Congestion Mitigation Program resulted in a 15 percent decrease in drive-alone rate and a 64 percent increase in transit usage.

“When the US 36 Congestion Mitigation program began, we hoped that it would introduce commuters to transportation options other than driving alone,” said Steve Erickson, DRCOG director of communications and marketing. “The sustained behavior changes among commuters is really impressive, and people are clearly seeing the benefits of smarter commute choices.”

The US 36 Congestion Mitigation program concluded in March 2017. The program not only increased awareness about public transportation and commuter options but played a critical role in alleviating traffic congestion during and after the US 36 Express Lanes project. For additional information about the Congestion Mitigation program and alternative transportation options, please visit www.commutingsolutions.org.

Commuting Solutions Continues the Fight for Transportation Funding

Colorado State Capitol

When the legislative session began, Commuting Solutions gathered with local stakeholders to prioritize finding a stable, sustainable and new funding stream for transportation throughout the northwest metro region and beyond. To be one of the most innovative corridors in the state and continue the vital work of connecting our communities, all eyes were on the legislator and elected officials to find common ground.

Finding a sustainable transportation funding source is not only critical to our work, but to communities throughout the state. To keep up with our growing population and deteriorating infrastructure, local governments need citizens help to support infrastructure financially. Commuting Solutions supported House Bill 17-1242, which received bi-partisan support and proposed allowing voters to approve a sales tax increase that would provide billions in transportation funding. Unfortunately, House Bill 17-1242 died in the Senate Finance Committee. Despite HB17-1242 dying in the senate, the legislative session ended with a couple positive outcomes.

The broad, public and private sector statewide support behind HB17-1242 from local elected officials, businesses and a diverse range of advocacy and environmental groups highlighted the importance of continuing the conversation of multi-modal transportation funding. At Commuting Solutions, we are excited to see the conversation continuing beyond the legislative sessions and the growing bi-partisan, public and private sector support underway to fund multi-modal transportation.

The legislator did pass Senate Bill 267 during the legislative session. This bill will provide about one billion dollars* for transportation. 25 percent of the funding is to be used for projects in rural communities and just 10 percent for transit. Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has confirmed that many of the projects selected will from the tier one development plan and project list. Currently, CDOT is working with planning partners and local governments to see how much projects from this list will costs and which projects they will be moving forward with.

So, what can you do to see transportation investments being made in your community in the future? Andy Karsian, state legislative liaison for Colorado Department of Transportation recommends staying engaged in the conversation and taking advantage of resources available to deepen your knowledge of transportation issues in your community and beyond.  A diverse group representing the private sector and advocacy groups is deliberating continuing the progress for a potential ballot issue so please stay engaged as that conversation evolves.

Commuting Solutions is committed to continuing the dialogue and advocating for the multi-modal transportation needs of the northwest metro region. Stay engaged with our efforts by keeping an eye on our social media and website.

*CDOT estimates that roughly five to six billion dollars is needed to complete projects on their top priority list.

Commuting Solutions would to thank Andy Karsian, state legislative liaison for Colorado Department of Transportation for sharing information about the Legislative Session and the next steps for CDOT.

Membership Meeting on June 13

Learn. Network. Inspire.

Save the date for our upcoming Membership Meeting on Tuesday, June 13! Our guest speakers will be sharing an inside look at the 2017 legislative session, what it means for transportation in the northwest region and the latest innovations in transportation technology. Bring a colleague or connect with fellow private and public sector stakeholders, just don’t forget to mark your calendar for our Membership Meeting on Tuesday, June 13 from 7:15 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at the 1st BANK Center.