Commute with Style: Carpool and Vanpool for Employees

As your workplace returns to the office, now is the perfect time to make your commute more sustainable! Two easy options to get started is by carpooling and vanpooling!

Why You Should Carpool

Carpooling is an easy way to share a ride, which will help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the region!

Carpooling helps the environment but can also benefit those in the car! Sharing rides save money, time and helps reduce stress.

How to Get Started with Carpool

For those who commute throughout the Denver metro region can use resources such as! My Way to Go, in partnership with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), can help find registered users who are either part of an existing carpool or looking for a carpool buddy.

When you register with MyWaytoGo, you are entered into a database with more than 10,000 users.

To find your best carpooling option, enter your starting location, ending location and the details for when you want to meet. The site will show you existing pools and you can communicate with those members to get your carpool going!

If you’re currently seeking to fill your car, MyWaytoGo can also help! Register your carpool and others can sign up to join!

Why You Should Vanpool

Vanpools are a great way to commute if you’re driving 15 miles or more to work one-way. Passengers share the ride, which seats from five to 15 people and pay a monthly fee that covers the cost of fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance.

Vanpools help reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, which also improves air quality!

How to Get Started with Vanpool

For commuters who travel around the Denver metro region, resource is the place to start!

My Way to Go, in partnership with the DRCOG can help find registered users who are either part of an existing carpool or looking for some vanpool buddies!

My Way to Go vanpools operate through Commute with Enterprise, the largest vanpool provider in North America.

For those who live in the North Front Range region such as Berthoud, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown and Loveland, check out VanGo, a vanpool program for the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.

How Carpool and Vanpool Can Save You Money

Did you know that there is a pre-tax commute benefit? The IRS Code, section 132(F) allows employees to use pre-tax salary towards their transit and vanpool commuting costs.

Commuter benefits, or transit benefits, are an employer-based provided package that helps offset the cost for employees to get to work. Just like a Health Savings Account, retirement plan, commuter benefits are a tax-savvy, morale-boosting, mobile-centric way for employees and employers to choose smart commute options and save money!

Commuter benefits include parking benefits, transit benefits, vanpool benefits and bicycle commuting benefits!

The IRS allows employers to withhold a set amount of employee’s pre-tax income for vanpool commuting costs too! This lowers the employee’s taxable income, which will add money to your pocket!

Employees may also provide a monthly fare subsidy as part of the qualified IRS Transportation Fringe Benefit, under the section 132(F) of the IRS tax code.

What to Know Before You Carpool or Vanpool

Some important things to discuss prior to beginning your commute include:

  • How long will you wait on late arrivals?
  • What happens if someone has to stay late at work?
  • How will you track trips and payment?
  • What days will you carpool? Will this be an everyday carpool/vanpool, or just a couple days a week?
  • Who is responsible for driving, and which days? How will driving duties be split up?
  • Who will be responsible for taking the van (for vanpool) in for maintenance?

Establishing rules up front will help ensure you and your carpool and vanpool buddies will have a smooth ride together!

Commuting Solutions can help you and your team figure out the best commuting options! Contact us by emailing with any additional questions you may have about carpooling or vanpooling!