Building Vibrant Transportation Networks

Ken Hotard is a forty-five-year resident of Boulder, Colorado. He has served as the Government Affairs Director and Senior Vice President for Public Affairs of the Boulder Area Realtor® Association since 1984. Regional Transportation District (RTD) Board of Directors from 1991 – 1994. RTD Board Chairman 1993 and 1994. Co-founder and board member of Better Boulder and Boulder Tomorrow. Past Chairman and current Treasurer of Commuting Solutions. Member of the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council for 18 years, now a fifth term Co-Chair.


Transportation is crucial to the prosperity of businesses, real estate and our region. For communities to be a hub of vibrant economic activity they must be connected by complex networks of communication and transportation, infrastructure and services. When these networks operate effectively communities can evolve and prosper. When they do not, economic health and community well-being can be difficult and uncertain.

Nearly all community activities involve some form of travel—by car, foot, bicycle, bus, or train. Time spent in travel is often time away from meaningful work or time with friends and family. So, efficient transportation is fundamental to the quality of life. A higher quality of life will attract and retain workforce talent and home buyers.

Whether you are a business leader or real estate professional, we all have a dog in this fight. Well-designed transportation infrastructure and services improve air quality, bring affordable housing closer to job opportunities, and expand access to key employment centers. Transportation infrastructure and services are a constructive force in building quality communities. It all comes down to choices.

As a Commuting Solutions board member and local business leader, I am encouraging everyone to learn more about Transportation Matters, a region-wide initiative designed to spark critical conversations surrounding the transportation funding gap and provide feedback on the mobility needs of businesses in the northwest metro region.

Because transportation is crucial to businesses and real estate, when key decisions are being made in our communities it is vital that business leaders and real estate professionals are participants. I believe that when it comes to our communities’ quality of life, these issues are too important to sit on the sidelines.  Transportation Matters is your invitation to get in the conversation, take action and shape the future of the communities where you work, live, play and build your dreams.


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