A Vantastic Way to Reduce Traffic Congestion

August 24, 2016

A Vantastic Way to Reduce Traffic Congestion
Thanks to US 36 Express Lanes Project funding, Commuting Solutions adds eight new vanpools to US 36

LOUISVILLE, Colo.—A two-year social marketing campaign developed by Commuting Solutions and funded by the US 36 Express Lanes Project resulted in the formation of eight new US 36 vanpools and incentivized 48 solo drivers to start or join a vanpool. To date, the US 36 Congestion Mitigation Program’s 48 participating vanpoolers have reduced 6,717 trips and 161,212 vehicle miles traveled (VMT).

Aside from transit, vanpooling is one of the most efficient uses of roadways and provides significant cost benefits for their riders. Commuting Solutions Executive Director Audrey DeBarros explains, “The cost to drive alone is generally 57 cents per mile, meaning a 30-mile round-trip commute costs $376 per month, per driver compared to an average cost of $75-$150 per month, per vanpooler.” DeBarros goes on to add, “Moving multiple commuters in one vehicle maximizes HOV travel lane usage and ultimately reduces traffic congestion for all who travel in our region.”

Vanpooling is also an exceptional fit for employees who work outside of regular business hours. From January through June 2016, Commuting Solutions ran an offshoot of the US 36 Congestion Mitigation Program to target those unable to commute on transit due to their work schedules and longer trip distances. During this time, employees of select Commuting Solutions’ members received a $150 per person incentive to start or join a vanpool. Through the program, the University of Colorado Boulder added two new vanpools, bringing their vanpool count to 10.

“Because I come to CU before buses are running, and commuting 30 miles by myself is expensive, vanpooling is a great option. The monthly vanpooling fee covers all of my costs, from maintenance, to gas, to emergency roadside assistance. With the subsidies from CU and the City of Boulder, each person in the vanpool pays just $50 per month to participate.  And with the additional Commuting Solutions’ incentive, our initial vanpool costs were significantly lessened,” explains Miriam B., a CU-Boulder staff member.

The US 36 Congestion Mitigation Program runs through December 2016 and offers a $75 incentive for US 36 commuters who are willing to convert from driving alone to vanpooling. To find out if you qualify for this incentive, and others, visit: commutingsolutions.org.

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About Commuting Solutions:
Commuting Solutions is dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees, and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships and education, we create progressive, flexible transportation solutions. Be part of the progress along US 36, visit commutingsolutions.org.

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