A Message from the Executive Director: March 2021

Audrey DeBarros HeadshotThese last couple of weeks has been a big win for transportation in Colorado! On March 11, President Joe Biden officially signed a $1.9 trillion federal stimulus plan.

The plan will provide $350 billion in aid to state and local governments, nearly $30 billion for transit and $1.7 billion from Amtrak.

Democratic and Republican state lawmakers joined Gov. Jared Polis to unveil the $700 million Colorado Recovery Plan, which is set to go to “shovel ready” infrastructure projects, including repairs to bridges.

These shovel-ready projects will total $170 million, with hundreds of millions to be set for long-term infrastructure projects, such as investing in renewable energy and long-term sustainability as well as expanding broadband access and revitalizing main streets throughout the state.

The new federal and state funding is a tremendous benefit to projects in the northwest metro region! We are very appreciative of the funding and will be working with our partners to define priorities and projects.


Audrey DeBarros