5 Tips For Using RTD’s Bike-n-Ride Shelters

Bike-n-Ride Shelter Interior

Commuting Solutions—in partnership with RTD and the City and County of Broomfield and City of Westminster—has opened two new Bike-n-Ride shelters at transit stations along the U.S. 36 corridor.

Bike-n-Ride shelters provide easy access to a designated space where you can store and lock your bicycle while using RTD transit. Biking helps close any first/last mile gaps you may have on your trip or commute.

Here are five things to know to help you get started with using these new shelters:

1) Bike-n-Ride shelters give you more options.

Gaps in the first-and-final mile often present a barrier when you are considering transit commuting. To solve that problem, RTD and Commuting Solutions developed the Bike-n-Ride shelters program so you can bike to a transit station.

This program was one of nine first-and-final mile recommendations implemented by the partnership.

The shelters give ease of access by bike into and along the U.S. 36 Bikeway. Additional shelters are being planned for even more options.

You can find more details on the current Bike-n-Ride locations and much more here.

2) They’re easy to use!

Simply walk your bike into a shelter and lock it in a safe space. You must provide a lock to ensure your bike is secured.

All shelter locations have ample space to store your bike while you are away.

3) Riders need to apply for Bike-n-Ride shelter access.

Before you can use the new Broomfield or Westminster Bike-n-Ride shelters, you will need to apply for access. Complete the brief application to qualify.

4) The shelters are spacious, secure, and weather-proof!

Each shelter location comes with plenty of space to store your bike and bike accessories, and equipment can be easily secured via bike lock.

Since Colorado weather can wear down bike gear, the shelters were designed as enclosed structures for weather-proof space that can protect your bicycle from the elements.

5) There are now 9 Bike-n-Ride shelters in the region.

The two new facilities in Broomfield and Westminster join the RTD network of Bike-n-Ride shelters, giving you more choices in where to go and how to get around. You can bike and store your bicycle at any of these Bike Corridor stations:

  • Broomfield (Westbound US 36 & Broomfield)
    • Westminster (Eastbound US 36 & Sheridan)
    • Superior (US 36 & Eastbound McCaslin)
    • Louisville (US 36 & Westbound McCaslin)
    • Hover Street & Highway 119/Diagonal in Longmont
    • 30th Street & Diagonal Hwy, North Boulder
    • 8th & Coffman, Downtown Longmont
    • US 36 & Table Media Station (near Gate C)
    • Downtown Boulder Station – Walnut and 14th Street

Plan Ahead for Bike to Work Day June 22 is Bike to Work Day, a great opportunity to test out the shelters. Plan ahead by completing your access card application for the Bike-n-Ride shelters in advance.

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