Commuting Solutions Releases First U.S. 36 Mobility Report


Audrey DeBarros, Executive Director
Commuting Solutions

Nonprofit releases first U.S. 36 Mobility Report

Louisville, Colo. – Commuting Solutions has released the 2010 U.S. 36 Mobility Report – the first report of its kind – quantifying travel on the U.S. 36 corridor, and the mode choice of users.  The report uses primary source data from the Regional Transportation District, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, and the Colorado Department of Transportation in combination with data from the United States Census Bureau to document daily travel on the U.S. 36 corridor.  Additionally, the report illustrates the positive effects of commute choices like riding transit, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling and teleworking on mitigating corridor congestion.

“We are proud to offer the 2010 U.S. 36 Mobility Report as a consolidated source of travel information for the corridor,” says Audrey DeBarros, Executive Director of Commuting Solutions.  “This report, which is the first of its kind, helps officials, residents and employers understand our corridor, how it is used, and the implications of increased growth.  Commuting Solutions hopes that this report will serve as both a benchmark of existing conditions and a planning tool for the future.”

According to the 2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan, demand on the U.S. 36 Corridor is expected to increase 45% between 2005 and 2035, a direct result of population growth (26%) and employment growth (63%) during this period.  This increased travel demand will place additional strain on an already congested system.  This strain can be alleviated with enhanced travel choices for all U.S. 36 travelers.

The 2010 U.S. 36 Mobility Report highlights both successes and opportunities for improvement:

  • Nearly 3 million transit trips eliminated 36 million vehicle miles, significantly reducing congestion on U.S. 36.
  • Registered carpoolers to the RideArrangers and SmartTrips databases eliminated over a million vehicle miles.  This number is a fraction of the actual vehicle miles reduced by carpoolers on U.S. 36.
  • Over 6,000 commuters participated in Bike to Work Day, eliminating half a million vehicle miles.
  • Over a quarter of all Boulder employees and an eighth of all Denver employees have access to an RTD Eco Pass, an annual, employer-provided transit pass.  Less than 5% of all employees in Broomfield, Westminster, Louisville and Superior have an Eco Pass.
  • Every day, an average of 90,000 vehicles use U.S. 36.

Commuting Solutions plans to continue preparing annual U.S. 36 Mobility Reports to document travel on the U.S. 36 corridor and benchmark year-to-year change.

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About Commuting Solutions:
Commuting Solutions is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the mobility of commuters along the U.S. 36 corridor for today and the future.  Our public-private coalition consists of fifty private sector members and eight public sector members between Westminster and Boulder and Longmont, and seven individual members.


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