cycle_green US 36 Bikeway: A Highway for Cyclists

We recently started a Bike 36 group on Strava for cyclists to track their trips along the US 36 Bikeway. Join today and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard!

The bicycle route from Boulder to WesUS 36 Bikewaytminster is now complete and provides a direct highway for cyclists. The 18-mile US 36 Bikeway runs from Table Mesa Station in Boulder to 80th Avenue in Westminster. The 12-foot-wide Bikeway features protective barriers from motorists, underpasses and wayfinding signage.

US 36 Bikeway Community Ride

The US 36 Bikeway ties into local bicycling facilities and connects to the six US 36 RTD Stations and local routes leading to Denver. There is also wayfinding signage to guide bicyclists to existing bike paths and trail systems within the corridor.

The interactive Bike Northwest map includes bicycle facilities, such as bike lanes and multi-use paths, that connect with the US 36 Bikeway to help cyclists navigate the Northwest region.



Video of a cyclist on US 36 Bikeway
 Directions from Denver to the US 36 Bikeway
 Directions from the US 36 Bikeway to Westminster Station
Bike Northwest Interactive Map