Casual Carpool

What is Casual Carpool?

Casual Carpool, sometimes referred to as slug lines, is a unique form of commuting that originated in Washington D.C. and operates within select cities throughout the United States. casual carpools offer a mutually beneficial relationship between drivers and riders by organically matching those traveling in the same direction at designated pick-up areas. Drivers needing additional passengers to meet the required HOV minimum to travel in Express Lanes pulls up to one of the known slug line areas. The driver calls out their destination and the rider who is first in line for that location hops in the car.

The drivers benefit because they can meet the minimum requirement to travel in the Express Lanes free of charge, while riders can enjoy a stress-free commute. Currently, casual carpools are a popular way to commute in Washington D.C., Houston and San Francisco.

Benefits of Casual Carpool

Casual Carpools are an effective way to reduce solo drivers and help commuters get to their final destinations quicker. By meeting HOV requirements, riders and drivers can cruise past traffic in express lanes, often getting to work quicker than if they had driven alone or traveled by transit.

Enjoy Casual Carpool Soon

We are working closely with our partners to bring this unique commuter option to the northwest metro region! The program purpose is to partner with a technology company to maximize carpool use of the US 36 Express Lanes and assist the public in finding a third person to carpool with.