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Why Vanpool?_mg_0188

Vanpools are a great option for commuters who travel more than 15 miles to work one-way. Passengers share the ride in a van seating 5-15 people and pay a monthly fee that covers the cost of fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Not only that, when you cruise with two or more* in a vehicle, you can ride in the US 36 Express Lanes for free!

There are many economic and environmental benefits to traveling in a vanpool, leading vanpool providers to make it easy and flexible for those who opt in for this commute. When emergencies and unexpected schedule changes arise, vanpool participants receive a Guaranteed Ride Home.

>>Find a vanpool that fits your commute! This map shows all of the vanpools operating in the Denver metro area.<<

How to Get Startedcapture3

For those living and working in the Denver metro area, resources like and Enterprise Rideshare can help you find registered users who are either part of an existing pool or are looking for a buddy such as yourself.

If you live in the North Front Range region (Berthoud, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont, Loveland), VanGo  will be your service provider.

Rules of the Pool

Once you have your buddies lined up, it’s important to lay out the rules of vanpooling. For example, you’ll want to know:

  1. How will driving duties be split?
  2. Who will be responsible for taking the van in for maintenance?
  3. How long will you wait on late arrivals?
  4. What happens if someone has to stay late at work?

Establishing the rules of your vanpool up front helps ensure that you and your new buddies will have a smooth ride together.

New Vanpooler Tip: Make sure to share your contact information with your vanpool buddies in case you need to get in touch.

Incentives for All Vanpoolersget-to-work-happy-graphic-plain-clear-background

There are great incentives out there for vanpools that travel in our region! Not only that, vanpools also qualify for federal tax benefits.

Incentives for Boulder Residents and Employees

The vanpool savings (and incentives) add up, especially for Boulder residents or employees who can combine incentives from multiple organizations. The University of Colorado Boulder offers a $15 monthly incentive for employees who vanpool; the City of Boulder and GO Boulder offer a $20 monthly incentive for Boulder residents or employees who vanpool; and Boulder County pays the whole fare, less $10 per month for Boulder County employees who choose to vanpool.

Incentives for North Front Range Commuters

North Front Range vanpoolers who use VanGo receive a $20 monthly subsidy for as long as they participate in the vanpool. Those in the North Front Range who use a MyWaytoGo vanpool are eligible to receive a one-time $20 per rider subsidy, which is deducted from their fare.

Additional Information

For more information on monthly fees, setting up a vanpool, or to get connected with an existing vanpool, please contact us.