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Cycling to work is one of the most powerful ways to positively impact our region’s traffic congestion and your health. When you trade your car for a bike, you save money, fit a workout into your busy schedule (without even hitting the gym!) and experience the joys of zipping past traffic. With all of the environmental and health benefits of a human-powered commute, it is no wonder that cycling to work has increased by 60 percent and 4.3 percent of Coloradans now cycle or walk to work.

I love riding my bike to work. I can’t think of a more positive way of starting my work day. I am doing something good for the environment, good for my pocketbook, and good for my body. Plus, if my work day greets me with a hefty challenge, I am more likely to deal with it in a productive way because I am in a good frame of mind by starting my day the way I did.
Amy Thomas, 2016

Getting Started

Cycling to work can be intimidating if you do not know where to start, but with a few simple tips from us, you will be cruising to work in no time!

  1. Map Your Route – Before embarking on a bike commute, map your route and then trace those steps either as a pedestrian or in a car. It is a good practice to know your route and how cyclists are integrated into traffic. Pinpointing danger spots and busy roads will help you stay safe and have an enjoyable commute.
  2. Buy Proper Gear – Having the proper set up will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride to/from the office. If you do not have a bike, look for one that will be a good fit for your fitness level and length of your commute. As for gear, make sure you have a good helmet, bike lights and comfortable clothing suitable for biking.
  3. Safety, Safety, Safety! – Before hopping on your bike, make sure you know proper hand signals and how your helmet should fit.
  4. Scope Out Your Office – Does your employer have bike racks and showers that you can use after biking into the office?
  5. Buddy up! – One of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of a bike commute is to buddy up with an existing rider. If there is someone at your office who bikes to work, see if you can buddy up with them for your first few commutes. If not, try finding a friend to bike around town with!
New rider tip: On your first few trips, try finding routes with dedicated bike lanes or bike trails. These are a great starting points for new riders!