Our Programs

As the Transportation Management Organization for the northwest metro region, we deliver innovative solutions that mitigate traffic congestion and inspire commute behavior change. Through our programs, we work with commuters, businesses, residents, local governments and transportation agencies to expand and promote travel options.

Workplace Commute Ambassadors 

Our Workplace Commute Ambassador (WCA) program helps employees along the US 36 corridor encourage their co-workers to choose sustainable transportation options, such as carpooling, riding transit, bicycling, vanpooling, teleworking or walking.

Friends of the US 36 Bikeway

Friends of the US 36 Bikeway is a new Commuting Solutions program created to inspire a cycling culture within the US 36 corridor. This group unites cyclists, business and governments to promote cycling as a viable travel option, advance cycling education and advocate for continued improvements to the US 36 Bikeway.

The program is open to local cycling enthusiasts, businesses, governments and sustainable transportation advocates. Sign up today!